New Year, New Appcanary Features

By Max Veytsman | January 16, 2017 on Announcements, Product

We’ve been hard at work the past few months on lots of features touching every aspect of our product, and to ring in the new year, we’re going to announce them all at once.

Search our vulnerabilities

You can now browse and search every vulnerability Appcanary knows about! It’s pretty snazzy:

browse our vulnerabilities

Automatically upgrade packages

We’ve had this feature for Ubuntu, and now we’re adding it for CentOS.

If you have the appcanary agent installed, you can run appcanary upgrade, and we’ll automatically upgrade all of your vulnerable packages to the lowest version that fixes all the vulnerabilities we know about.

Resolve vulnerabilities

There’s now a “marked resolved” button that lets us know that you don’t want to be notified about a vulnerability. This is used if a vulnerability doesn’t affect you, or if you are accepting the risk based on some other mitigation’s (i.e. you’re not using the vulnerable feature of the package, the port in question is blocked by a firewall, etc). We give you the opportunity to record your reasoning and provide a full audit trail of every vulnerability you mark as resolved:

audit log

Brand new dashboard

We just pushed a brand new UX for our dashboard. You can sort and search and sort all of your servers and monitors. Check it out.

new dashboard

The Appcanary rubygem

We released the Appcanary gem. This gives us tighter integration with ruby projects, you can either check your ruby project for vulnerabilities as a one-time check, or set up a monitor with notifications. You can see the source here.

Our gem is still very early, so we very much want your feedback. Please let us know what you think at

CentOS 6 support

Last but not lease, we fully support CentOS 6 along with CentOS 7.