Good News: Ubuntu Now Ships With unattended-upgrades On By Default!

November 15, 2016 on Clojure, Programming, Ruby

We Left Clojure. Here's 5 Things I'll Miss.

November 07, 2016 on Clojure, Programming, Ruby

The Mirai Botnet is Proof the Security Industry is Broken

October 31, 2016 on security, mirai, botnet

A tale of two worms, three vulnerabilities, and one National Security Agency

August 24, 2016 on vihkal, security

Making Appcanary easier to use

July 14, 2016 on Announcements, Product

Vulnerabilities I Have Known and Loved #1: Symantec's Bad Week

July 07, 2016 on vihkal, security

Should you encrypt or compress first?

June 25, 2016 on security, crypto

Appcanary now supports Debian!

June 24, 2016 on Announcements, Product

Two new APIs from Appcanary

April 06, 2016 on Announcements, Product

Hello, new Appcanary API and CentOS support!

March 07, 2016 on Announcements, Product

Slippery exceptions in Clojure and Ruby

February 16, 2016 on Clojure, Ruby, Programming, Bugs, Developer Diary

A Gentle Intro to Datomic

February 09, 2016 on Clojure, Datomic, Programming, Talks